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Three Things Need To Pay Attention To When Mixing Concrete Admixtures

1. Uniform feed:

The water-containing admixture is stored in the pool, and the solid particles contained in it have a tendency to sink. The bottom concentration is large, the upper concentration is small. During the production process, it should be avoided to take the material from the bottom or top layer, or after mixing. During test preparation, the container in which the sample is stored is shaken and then weighed to improve the accuracy of the test.


2. Accurate measurement:

Although the amount of admixture is small, it has great influence on the performance of concrete. If there is a problem with the weighing bucket and the amount is too large, it is not only economically uneconomical, but also may cause serious engineering quality accidents. If the calcium content is greater than 0.5% of the cement mass, too much air will be introduced, slowing down the initial setting rate of concrete and reducing the early strength of concrete. The same will happen with molasses and humic acid water reducers, and the concrete may not even harden for days. This caused many accidents. For example, a mixing plant provides concrete for a construction site, and one layer is not hardened. After the demolition, the mixing plant paid more than 400,000 yuan in compensation.


3. Slump loss compensation measures:

After the mixer arrives at the scene, if the slump loss is large due to the distance, waiting for the mixer to be pressed and other reasons, or even the pump cannot be extracted, water is not allowed to be added at will. The post-mixing method of superplasticizer can be used for secondary fluidization. That is, add the pumping agent (water reducing agent) with the same proportion as the original mixture, stir in the mixing cylinder for 2 minutes at high speed, and discharge the material after mixing evenly. This method must be strictly controlled and technicians must be present.