Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-2)

lignosulfonate de sodium
sodium lignin sulfonate
sodium lignosulfonate liquid
sodium lignosulfonate powder

SLS, also known as sodium lignosulfonate (lignosulfonate), is a water-reducing ingredient used in concrete mixtures. It is a yellow-brown wood pulp produced by pulping bamboo. A free-flowing powder called lignosulfonate dissolves quickly in water.

Applications of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-2)

  • High-efficiency water reducer for cement and concrete: lignosulfonate is the most widely used one as a high-efficiency water reducer. The use of lignosulfonate as a high-efficiency water reducer for cement and concrete can not only greatly improve its fluidity and plasticity, but also greatly reduce harmful pores and significantly enhance the compressive strength.

  • Dispersants, flocculants and corrosion and scale inhibitors: Lignosulfonate is an anionic surfactant with good performance and can be used as a dispersant, flocculant, etc.

  • Oilfield chemicals: Lignosulfonate has a special molecular structure and is widely used in oilfield chemicals. It is often used as tertiary oil recovery surfactant, drilling fluid treatment agent, and water shutoff agent.

  • Synthetic resin: Lignin is often used as a basic renewable material for synthetic polymer materials, resins and adhesives.

  • Polymer materials: Lignin and its derivatives can be blended with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and other olefinic polymer materials to improve the stability and strength of the product and anti-photolysis properties.

  • Agricultural auxiliaries: Sodium lignosulfonate can be used not only as a pesticide dispersant, but also as a wetting agent, complexing agent and fertilizer agent, and is widely used in various aspects of agriculture.

Specification of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-2)




Free flowing brown powder

Solid content


Lignosulfonate content

45% – 60%


7.0 – 8.5

Water content


Water insoluble matters


Reducing sugar


Water reducing rate


Packaging, Storage And Transportation of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-2)

  • Package: Can be supplied in 25kg / 450kg bags. It can also be supplied in customer’s required packing size with mutual discussion and agreements.

  • Storage: Is recommended to store at ambient temperature in closed condition and to be protected from direct sunlight and rain.

  • Transportation: Non-toxic, harmless, non-inflammable and non-explosive chemicals. it can be transported in truck and train.

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