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Sodium Lignosulphonate Powder: Green Dust Control Pioneer in the Construction Field

On construction sites, dust not only affects construction efficiency, but also poses a potential threat to workers' health. In the face of this challenge, Jufu Chemical's sodium lignosulphonate powder has become a pioneer of green dust control in the construction field due to its unique environmental performance and efficient dust control effect.

Green and Safe

Lignin is the second largest renewable plant resource after cellulose and one of the most abundant green resources that can be utilized by humans. Jufu Chemical's sodium lignosulfonate is a by-product obtained through acid pulping in the papermaking industry. It is rich in sources, cheap, non-toxic, and has a wide relative molecular weight distribution.

Multi-scenario Application with Remarkable Effect

On the construction site, sodium lignosulphonate powder has a wide range of application scenarios, whether it is bare soil, stacked materials or dust in the construction process, can be effectively controlled by spraying sodium lignosulphonate powder solution. The protective film formed by it is strong and long-lasting, which can greatly reduce the dust pollution of the construction site and protect the cleanliness of the construction environment and the health of workers.

Environmental Protection and High Efficiency

Compared with traditional dust control methods, sodium lignosulphonate powder excels in environmental friendliness and high efficiency. Its natural origin and the characteristics of no harmful substances, making it in the use of the process of environmental pollution; at the same time, its ability to quickly form a protective film, can quickly reduce the generation of dust and flying, significantly improve the effect of dust control.

In practical applications, a large amount of research and practice have proven that sodium lignosulfonate powder has significant advantages in the field of dust control. After using sodium lignosulfonate powder for dust suppression treatment along construction roads, thermal power plants, cement plants, steel plants, metallurgical plants, dust workshops, artificial beaches and desertification areas, the dust pollution at the construction site has been effectively controlled and improved. The air quality on site and the construction environment have been significantly improved.

Broad Prospects

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the continuous development of construction technology, sodium lignosulphonate powder, as a kind of environmentally friendly and efficient construction dustproofing agent, will have a broader market prospect in the future. We are looking forward to seeing more innovative application methods and wider market promotion, so that sodium lignosulphonate powder will become an indispensable part of the construction industry and contribute to the sustainable development of the construction industry.