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With the increase in people's living standards, leather products have gained popularity, leading to higher quality expectations. The selection of appropriate leather auxiliaries plays a crucial role in enhancing leather quality, reducing production time, and simplifying processes. Within the leather industry, our products are utilized as dispersants and tanning agents to improve the penetration and uniformity of dyes and tanning agents.

Our lignosulfonate products find applications in both vegetable-based and chrome-based leather tanning processes. They serve as integrators for natural or synthetic leather tanning extracts, directly binding to collagen in the skin and forming chemical bonds with protein groups. This results in improved properties of tanned hides and the production of softer leather. Our light-colored lignosulfonate products are particularly effective in the wet end process, making them highly sought after by customers.

In addition, our dispersant series products serve as auxiliary tanning agents in the leather industry. When used in conjunction with tanning agents at a ratio of 1:10, they prevent tanning agents from adhering to the leather. Furthermore, these dispersants aid in the dispersion of dyes, resulting in enhanced color appearance.

The quality demands for textiles and composites are continuously evolving and becoming more stringent. Our dispersant products provide significant benefits to our customers by influencing the textile dyeing process. They aid in the transformation of powders into dispersions, which are crucial for textile dyeing or wet processing.

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