Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-1)

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In the food business, sodium lignosulfonate (lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt) is employed as a binder and defoamer for products that come into contact with food. It is used as a component in animal feed and has antimicrobial qualities. Used in the manufacturing of flame-resistant materials, ceramics, mineral powder, chemicals, textiles (leather), metallurgy, petroleum, rubber vulcanization, organic polymerization, etc. It's a custom CAS 8061-51-6 sodium lignosulfonate product. Are you looking for sodium lignosulfonate factory? RFQ Today!

Construction of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-1)

  • As a Plasticizer: Sodium lignosulfonate finds many uses in the construction industry. It works as a superplasticizer or retarder in construction.Sodium lignosulfonate is used in a smaller proportion, and it assumes 0.5-2% of the total mixture. However, it increases the strength of concrete by approx—20 to 26%.

  • As a water reducer: Also used as a water reducer. Sodium lignosulfonate has medium molecular weight and low sugar content. The low content of lignosulfonate makes the concrete have strong adaptability. One of the remarkable features of this mixture is that it does not settle. The use of lignosulfonate can reduce water demand by more than 14%.

  • As Ceramics: Ceramics are generally used to reduce the carbon content. Since sodium lignosulfonate is a polymer, its molecular structure can be changed by adding organic or inorganic molecules. Adding lignosulfonate to ceramics can improve their mechanical strength.

  • As a Coal Slurry: Coal water slurry is used to generate electricity.

  • As a Dye Industry: Lignosulfonates are used as fillers and dispersants in disperse and vat dyes. It makes the coloring of the dyes more uniform and also increases their tinting strength. They also reduce dye grind time. The addition of lignosulfonate to dyes imparts high temperature stability and dispersion properties.

  • As a Pesticide: Sodium lignosulfonate improved the wettability of the pesticide powder and also increased its suspension rate.

  • Material into balls: Sodium lignosulfonate is used as a binder for granular and powdery materials. It is suitable for pressing balls of iron ore powder, coal powder, coke powder, lead-zinc ore powder and other materials. Other uses of LS include the extrusion of floor tiles and mudbrick walls. Sodium lignosulfonate is also used for compaction of cast iron sand molds and cast iron. The main reason for using lignosulfonate in compaction and briquetting is the good stability and high strength of the mineral material.

  • As a Petroleum Products: Lignosulfonate is used as emulsifying viscosity reducer, antistatic agent, antirust agent, dispersant and cleaning agent in petroleum products.

Specification of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-1)




Free flowing brown powder

Solid content


Lignosulfonate content

45% – 60%



Water content


Water insoluble matters


Reducing sugar


Water reducing rate


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