Dispersant NNO (A)


The Dispersant NNO is a powder ranging in color from light yellow to yellowish brown. It serves as an anionic surfactant, renowned for its exceptional diffusion and protective colloidal properties. The Dispersant NNO effortlessly dissolves in water, acid, alkali, and hard water. It demonstrates excellent dispersibility and shows a strong affinity for protein and polyamide substances.

Specification of Dispersant NNO (A)

Dispersant NNO-A




Light Brown Powder

Dispersion force


pH (1% aq. Solution)






Insoluble impuries content


Ca+Mg content


Function of Dispersant NNO (A)

1. Printing and dyeing industry: mainly used for vat dye suspension, dyeing, dispersion and dyeing of soluble vat dyes. It can also be used in the dyeing of silk/wool interwoven fabrics to make silk colorless. It is mainly used as a dispersant and dispersant in the dye industry.

2. Building materials industry: It is used as early strength cement to reduce water, so that the cement has a good dispersion effect after the impact of cement, enhances the strength of cement, shortens the construction period, saves cement and water. Dispersant NNO improves the tensile, anti-seepage, antifreeze and compressive modulus of elasticity of the mixed soil. Agricultural industry: It can be widely used in wet pesticides. It has good dispersibility and solubilization, and can obviously improve the efficacy of the pesticide.

3. Electroplating industry: Adding dispersant NNO to color electroplating can make the pigment disperse evenly and significantly improve the brightness of the electroplating surface.

4. Rubber industry: in the production process of rubber (latex) industry. For dispersion materials such as sulfur accelerators and anti-oxidation zinc oxide fillers (such as barium sulfate and calcium carbonate), the dispersion effect can be improved and the ball milling time can be shortened.

5. Paper industry: Water-soluble paint, pigment dispersant, water treatment agent, carbon black dispersant.

Package of Dispersant NNO (A)

25 kg woven bags lined with plastic bags for storage and transportation; the finished packaged dispersant NNO should be lightly loaded and unloaded, and should be stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. The shelf life is two years.

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