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Ceramics are non-metallic inorganic materials that undergo firing, shaping, and glazing processes to achieve durability. As the ceramic industry continues to grow, there is increasing focus on ceramic additives, which play a crucial role in improving process parameters and enhancing the quality of ceramic products.

Ceramic additives serve two main purposes: as process additives, they enhance processing conditions, expedite equipment operation, and simplify the overall process. As functional additives, they introduce specific properties into ceramics, such as decondensation, retardation, coagulation acceleration, plasticization, bonding, suspension, defoaming, leveling, anticorrosion, wetting, grinding, and promotion of drying and sintering.

Jufu's lignosulfonate products serve as additives to enhance the functionality of ceramics through their unique characteristics.

Ceramer Binder: Lignosulfonate acts as a ceramic binder, binding clay particles together and providing cohesion and strength during the dry forming process. It helps prevent cracking of the ceramic body.

Deflocculants: Lignosulfonates act as deflocculants in ceramic suspensions or slurries, dispersing and separating clay particles to reduce their attraction and prevent flocculation. This effectively improves the fluidity and stability of the ceramic suspension, facilitating pouring, grouting, or extrusion processes.

Greenware Strengthener: Lignosulfonate strengthens greenware by enhancing its mechanical integrity. As a binding agent, it reduces the risk of breakage or deformation during handling or transportation.

Glaze Additives: Lignosulfonates are used as additives in ceramic glazes to suspend and disperse glaze particles, preventing settling. They promote uniform application and adhesion of glazes on ceramic surfaces, ensuring consistent and satisfactory glaze results.

Grouting Aids: Lignosulfonate is utilized as an additive in the grouting process, enhancing the stability and fluidity of ceramic slurry. This benefits the casting of complex ceramic shapes, achieving uniform thickness and minimizing defects.

Kiln Furniture Coatings: Lignosulfonates are applied as coatings for kiln furniture during ceramic firing. This prevents ceramic items from sticking to the kiln furniture, ensuring easy removal with minimal damage or warping.

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