Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3)

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lignosulfonic acid sodium salt

Sodium lignosulfonate is a kind of inorganic, chemical formula for C20H24Na2O10S2, lignin is only second to the content of cellulose and chitin natural polymer in nature, one of its most widely used is through sulfonation modification into lignosulfonate. Lignininsulfonate of sodium is one of them. Sodium lignosulfonate can be used as an admixture for polymers and concrete, and has the advantages of low cost and environmental friendliness. It's a custom cas no 8061-51-6 sodium lignosulfonate product, feel free to contact us!

Main Performance of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-3)

  • It can be used as a general water reducer and a series of multifunctional building materials with high performance water reducer.

  • It can be used as a binder in the briquetting process of vertical cooking zinc smelters.

  • It can be used as a blank reinforcing agent in the field of ceramics and refractory materials. They increase the fluidity of the slurry and thus the strength of the embryo.

  • Sodium lignosulfonate series products can be used as the main composite material in the field of coal water slurry.

  • In agriculture, sodium lignosulfonate series products can be used as dispersants for pesticides.

  • Granulation binder for pesticides, fertilizers and feed.

Specification of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-3)




Dark brown powder

Lignosulfonate content


Solid content


pH (1% Aq. solution)




Water insoluble


Reducing substance


Water reducing rate


Shipping of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-3)

1. By express: EMS/ DHL/ FedEx/ TNT/ UPS for sample or small order

2. Bulk order by air or sea

3. For small order, UPS DHL EMS FedEx estimated 3-7 days.

4. For bulk order, it takes 5-8 days by air, and 15-30 days by sea.

Notice of Sodium Lignosulfonate(SF-3)

  • Strict control to avoid excessive dosage;

  • When the temperature is lower than 5°C, it is not suitable to use chemical admixtures alone in ordinary concrete projects.

  • Test to determine the dosage before use.

Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3) FAQs

What are the common applications of Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3)?

Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3) has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Concrete admixtures: Used as a plasticizer and water reducer to improve workability and strength.

  • Animal feed: Acts as a pellet binder to enhance feed quality and reduce dust.

  • Agriculture: Serves as a dispersant in pesticides and fertilizers.

  • Ceramics: Improves the plasticity and strength of ceramic products.

  • Textiles and dyes: Used as a dispersant for dyes and pigments.

  • Oil drilling: Functions as a dispersant and thinning agent in drilling fluids.

How does Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3) improve concrete performance?

Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3) acts as a plasticizer and water reducer in concrete mixtures. It helps to:

  • Increase the workability of concrete without adding extra water.

  • Improve the strength and durability of the cured concrete.

  • Reduce the risk of cracking and shrinkage.

  • Enhance the overall quality of the concrete mix.

What are the chemical properties of Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3)?

Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3) typically has the following chemical properties:

  • Appearance: Brownish-yellow powder or liquid.

  • pH: Generally ranges between 4 to 7.

  • Solubility: Highly soluble in water.

  • Molecular weight: Variable, depending on the source and production process.

  • Composition: Primarily composed of lignin sulfonate with sodium as the counter ion.

What factors should be considered when choosing a Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3) manufacturer?

When choosing a manufacturer, consider:

  • Quality and consistency of the product

  • Certifications and compliance with industry standards

  • Reputation and reliability

  • Pricing and terms of sale

  • Customer service and technical support

  • Environmental and sustainability practices

What are the typical production processes used by manufacturers of Sodium Lignosulfonate (SF-3)?

  • Sulfite pulping process: Lignin is extracted from wood using sulfite chemicals.

  • Sulfonation: The lignin is further processed to introduce sulfonate groups, enhancing its solubility and dispersing properties.

  • Purification: The product is purified to remove impurities and ensure consistent quality.

  • Drying and packaging: The final product is dried (if in powder form) and packaged for distribution.

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