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Sodium gluconate is a polyhydroxy sodium carboxylate, also known as sodium pentahydroxy caproate. Its molecular formula is C6H11O7Na, with a molecular weight of 218.14. It presents as white or light yellow crystalline particles or powder. This compound demonstrates easy water solubility, slight solubility in alcohol, and insolubility in ether.

Application of Sodium Gluconate (Food Grade SG-A)

  • Used in medicine: regulate the acid-base balance in the human body and restore the normal function of the nerves.

  • Used in the food industry: it can be used as a food additive.

Specification of Sodium Gluconate (Food Grade SG-A)




White crystalline powder

Solid content




Arsenic salt


Lead salt


Heavy metals


Loss on drying


Sodium Gluconate (Food Grade SG-A) As Water Reducer

1. Enhance workability. When the water-cement ratio (W/C) is constant, the workability can be improved by adding sodium gluconate. In this case, sodium gluconate acts as a plasticizer. When the amount of sodium gluconate is less than 0.1%, the degree of improvement of processability is proportional to the amount added.

2. Increase strength. When the cement content remains constant and the water content in the concrete decreases (i.e. W/C decreases). When the dosage of sodium gluconate is 0.1%, the amount of water added can be reduced by 10%.

3. Reduce the amount of cement. The water and cement content decreased in the same proportion, while the water-cement ratio remained unchanged.

Packaging And Storage of Sodium Gluconate (Food Grade SG-A)

  • This product is packed in 25kg bags and 1000kg ton bags.

  • The storage of powdered or granular crystalline sodium gluconate will be more convenient, and it can be packed in boxes or bags, but it must be placed in a dry environment; when liquid sodium gluconate is stored and transported, the action of sodium gluconate must be Be careful not to leak by impact.

  • Sodium gluconate Sodium gluconate is prone to deliquescence during storage. Pay attention to moisture and rain. The storage place should be kept clean, ventilated, dry, and cool. Avoid the sun and rain forest. Fire is strictly prohibited. The product packaging bags should be stacked on the backing plate above 100mm from the ground, the surrounding area of the stack should be above 500mm from the wall, and there should be a channel of more than 600mm for stacking.

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