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Dispersant MF, also known as Dispersing agent MF, is a chemical compound with the chemical name Methyl-Naphthalene sulphonate formaldehyde. It is utilized as a dispersing agent to disperse and stabilize substances like pigments, paints, and inks. By dispersing these substances into smaller particles, Dispersant MF facilitates their even distribution onto the desired surface. This helps to enhance the overall performance and appearance of the dispersed materials.

Usage of Dispersant MF (B)

  • As dispersant and filler for disperse dye,vat dye and reactive dye.

  • Used in pigment pad dyeing of vat dye, acid dyeing in printing and dyeing industry.

  • As auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry, stabilizing agent in rubber industry.

Specification of Dispersant MF (B)

Dipsersant MF-B




Dark Brown Powder

Dispersion force


pH (1% aq. Solution)






Insoluble impuries content


Ca+Mg content


Instructions of Dispersant MF (B)

According to the needs, it can be used directly as a powder, or it can be dissolved in water and made into different concentrations of water for use. Before actual use, it must be tested to confirm that it is effective before use. The relevant data in this manual are for reference only.

Packaging, Storage And Transportation of Dispersant MF (B)

  • Dispersant MF is packed in woven bags lined with plastic film, each bag is 25Kg, and the product name, net weight, production unit, address, etc. are printed on the bag.

  • When storing, it should be protected from rain and moisture. If there is agglomeration, please make it into a solution or crush it for use, which will not affect the effect.

  • The shelf life is two years.

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