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Wood calcium, also known as calcium lignosulfonate, is a polymer anionic surfactant with multiple components. It appears as a light yellow to dark brown powder and has a mildly aromatic odor. It easily dissolves in water and exhibits good stability. Its molecular weight typically ranges from 800 to 10,000, providing it with strong dispersion, adhesion, and chelation properties. The versatility of calcium lignosulfonate is evident in its wide range of applications, including its use as a concrete superplasticizer, industrial detergent, pesticide and insecticide, herbicide, dye dispersant, coke and charcoal processing agent, petroleum industry additive, ceramic additive, and wax emulsion component.

Details of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-4)

  • Concrete water reducer: doped cement 0.25 to 0.3%, can reduce water consumption by 10 to 14, to improve the workability of concrete, improve project quality, could slump loss in summer use, generally complex to use with superplasticizer.

  • Mineral binders: melting industry, mixed with calcium lignosulfonate and slag into powder ball into the kiln dried, can greatly improve the smelting recovery.

  • Refractors: brick manufacturing refractories, the use of calcium lignosulfonate dispersant and binder, can significantly improve performances and reduce the water enhanced to prevent cracking and other good results

  • Ceramic additive: calcium lignosulfonate for ceramic products, can reduce the carbon content to increase the green strength, reduce the amount of plastic clay, mud flow, increase yield by 70-90%, the sintering rate reduced form 70 minutes to 40 minutes.

Specification of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-4)




Dark brown powder

Lignosulfonate content


Solid content


pH (1% Aq. solution)




Water insoluble


Reducing substance


Calcium magnesium general quantity


Water reducing rate


Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-4) As Water Reducer

Calcium lignosulfonate water reducing agent is suitable for large volume concrete, large fluidity concrete, pumping concrete, commercial concrete and summer concrete construction and concrete with special requirements for retarding, cast-in-place concrete, pile concrete, manual excavation of concrete and underground mass concrete construction, generally with the use of high efficiency water reducing agent.

Safety And Operation Precautions of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-4)

Calcium Lignosulfonate Powder is a water soluble alkaline solution, direct and prolonged contact with eyes and skin may cause irritation. Wash the affected area of body with plenty of tap water immediately. If irritations persist for long time, please contact with doctor.

Calcium Lignosulfonate Uses

  • Concrete Additive: Calcium lignosulfonate is used as a plasticizer in concrete. It helps to reduce the water content needed, improving workability and strength of the concrete.

  • Dispersant: It acts as a dispersant in various formulations such as in the manufacturing of ceramics, pigments, dyes, and pesticides. By helping to disperse solid particles evenly, it enhances the quality and performance of these products.

  • Animal Feed Binder: In the agricultural sector, calcium lignosulfonate is used as a pellet binder for animal feed, improving the durability and integrity of feed pellets.

  • Dust Control: It is utilized for dust suppression on roads and in mining operations. Its binding properties help to keep dust particles together, reducing airborne dust.

  • Adhesives and Binders: It serves as an adhesive or binder in products such as bricks, briquettes, and certain types of wood products, enhancing their strength and stability.

  • Oil Well Additive: In the oil industry, it is used in drilling muds to control viscosity and prevent fluid loss.

  • Soil Stabilization: Calcium lignosulfonate is applied for soil stabilization in road construction and land reclamation projects. It helps to bind soil particles, reducing erosion and improving soil structure.

  • Textile Industry: It is used as a dye dispersant and as a textile additive to improve the quality of fabrics.

  • Water Treatment: It acts as a flocculant in water treatment processes, aiding in the removal of suspended solids.

  • Leather Industry: Used as a tanning agent, it helps in the treatment and preservation of leather.

Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-4) FAQs

How does calcium lignosulfonate improve concrete?

As a plasticizer, it reduces the water content needed for concrete, improving its workability and strength. It helps in achieving a more durable and resilient concrete structure.

Why is calcium lignosulfonate used as a dispersant?

It helps in dispersing solid particles evenly in various formulations, such as ceramics, pigments, dyes, and pesticides, enhancing the quality and performance of these products.

Can calcium lignosulfonate be used in animal feed?

Yes, it is used as a pellet binder in animal feed, improving the durability and integrity of the feed pellets.

How does calcium lignosulfonate help with dust control?

It binds dust particles together, reducing airborne dust and improving air quality in areas such as roads and mining operations.

Is calcium lignosulfonate safe for use in various applications?

Generally, calcium lignosulfonate is considered safe for use in its intended applications. However, it's always important to follow safety guidelines and regulatory standards specific to each industry and application.

How does calcium lignosulfonate function as an adhesive or binder?

It enhances the strength and stability of products like bricks, briquettes, and certain wood products by acting as a strong adhesive or binder.

Is calcium lignosulfonate environmentally friendly?

Yes, calcium lignosulfonate is considered environmentally friendly because it is derived from natural lignin, a renewable resource. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.

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