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Dispersant MF, also known as Methylnaphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate, exhibits easy solubility in water. It demonstrates remarkable resistance to acid, alkali, and hard water, while possessing excellent dispersing capabilities.

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Main Performance of Dispersant MF (C)

  • This series of products is mainly β-naphthalenesulfonic acid formaldehyde condensate sodium salt.

  • It is an anionic surfactant, resistant to acid, alkali, salt, hard water and high temperature.

  • It has good diffusion and stability, no permeability and foaming.

  • No affinity to cellulose fiber, but affinity to protein fiber and nylon.

Specification of Dispersant MF (C)

MF-C(Environmentally Friendly)

Index items

Standard value

Test value


Yellow brown powder

Meets the requirement

PH value(1% solution)



Sodium sulfate

5%(Low quinoline)

5%(Low quinoline)

Water insoluble matter



Calcium magnesium general quantity



dispersion forces(%)



Application of Dispersant MF (C)

1. Used as a dispersant and filler in the dye industry.

2. Used as an admixture for disperse dyes and vat dyes.

3. Used as a dispersant in the grinding of disperse dyes and vat dyes

4. Used as a dispersant for vat dye suspension dyeing.

5. Used as a stabilizer for latex in the rubber industry and an auxiliary tanning agent for the leather industry.

6. Used as a water reducing agent in the construction industry.

Usage of Dispersant MF (C)

According to needs, it can be directly used as a powder or dissolved in water to form different concentrations of water. Before actual use, tests must be conducted to determine its effectiveness before use. The relevant data in this manual is for reference only.

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