Ferrous Gluconate

ferrous gluconate
ferrous gluconate elemental iron
iron gluconate
iron ferrous gluconate

Ferrous gluconate is available as light yellow-gray or slightly gray-greenish-yellow granules or powder with a subtle caramel-like aroma. Its aqueous solution can be stabilized by incorporating glucose. It shows easy solubility in water (approximately 10g/100ml in warm water) while being nearly insoluble in ethanol.

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Function of Ferrous Gluconate

  • Ferrous gluconate is beneficial to increase hemoglobin in the blood.

  • Ferrous gluconate can promote the digestion of food in the intestines, enhance intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation and indigestion, and maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

  • Ferrous gluconate can be used as a color-protecting agent, which can effectively improve the color of food and improve the nutrition and taste of things.

  • Ferrous gluconate Adding ferrous gluconate in the production process of milk drinks can enhance the flavor of food and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria in milk drinks.

Specification of Ferrous Gluconate

Product Name

Ferrous Gluconate Powder




Assay %



Loss on drying %






Ferric iron(as Fe3+) %



Oxalic Acid

Passes test

Passes test

Reducing Sugars

Passes test

Passes test

Lead (as Pb) %

≤ 0.0002

≤ 0.001

Mercury (as Hg) %


≤ 0.0003

Arsenic(as As) %


≤ 0.0003

Application of Ferrous Gluconate

1. When ferrous gluconate can be used as a coloring aid for black olives, it can maintain its color and structure during canning.

2. Ferrous gluconate has high bioavailability, good solubility, mild flavor and no astringency. As a iron supplement, it is used in cereal products, dairy products, beverages, and health food.

Packaging And Delivery of Ferrous Gluconate

  • Packaging details are packaged in woven bags, each plastic bag weighing 25 kilograms.

  • The port is chosen by both the buyer and seller through negotiation based on the characteristics of the goods and the timeliness of delivery.

Advantage of Ferrous Gluconate

  • To make up for the deficiencies of natural food, so that its nutrition tends to be balanced. The natural food of human beings, almost no single food can meet all the nutritional needs of the human body. Due to the dietary habits of people in various countries, the limitations of food harvest varieties, production, and living standards in the region, it is rare to make the daily diet contain With all nutrients, certain nutritional deficiencies tend to occur. According to nutritional surveys, vitamin B2 is generally deficient in various places, vitamin B1 is deficient in areas where white rice and flour are eaten, and vitamin B1 is often found in areas where fruits and vegetables are deficient, and iodine deficiency is often found in the interior. If these problems can be solved through nutritional fortification in the local basic diet, the occurrence of the disease can be reduced and prevented.

  • Make up for the loss of nutrients and maintain the natural nutritional characteristics of food. Foods tend to lose certain nutrients during processing, storage and transportation. For example, a large proportion of vitamin B1 has been lost in refined white noodles. The loss of nutrients for the same raw material is also different due to different processing methods. In actual production, food loss during processing should be minimized.

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