Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-5)

ca lignosulfonate
calcium lignosulfonate liquid
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Calcium lignosulfonate, also known as calcium lignosulphonate, is a polymer anionic surfactant composed of multiple components. It has a pale yellow to dark brown powder appearance, along with a slightly fragrant odor. Its molecular weight typically ranges from 800 to 10,000, enabling it to exhibit strong dispersion, adhesion, and chelating properties. This substance is commonly derived from the spent cooking liquor of pulping acid or sulfite pulping processes and is produced through spray drying. It may contain up to 30% reducing sugars. While soluble in water, it is insoluble in ordinary organic solvents. Aqueous solutions containing 1% of calcium lignosulfonate typically have a pH value ranging from approximately 3 to 11.

Main Purpose of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-5)

  • Used as a concrete admixture water reducer.

  • Used as a binder in the smelting industry.

  • Used as a dispersant and adhesive in refractory areas.

  • Used in the field of ceramics.

  • Used as a binder in the field of feed.

  • It is also used in the fields of pesticides and fertilizers.

Specification of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-5)




Free flowing brown powder

Solid content


Lignosulfonate content

45% – 60%


7.0 – 9.0

Water content


Water insoluble matters


Reducing sugar


Calcium magnesium general quantity


Application of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-5)

Although calcium lignosulfonate is a waste produced in the papermaking process, it still has the basic structure of lignin-benzyl propane derivatives, and its sulfonic acid group makes it soluble in water. Calcium lignosulfonate contains a variety of chromophoric groups, and its solid powder is yellowish brown, which is easy to be damp and agglomerated; the molecule of calcium lignosulfonate contains a large number of active groups, such as phenolic hydroxyl group, carbonyl group, sulfuric acid group, alcoholic hydroxyl group Etc., self-condensation or polycondensation reaction with other substances, the molecular weight and functional groups of calcium lignosulfonate are different, so it has different degrees of dispersion and can be adsorbed on the surface of various solid particles. 

Industrial lignin itself has the characteristics of polymers and some special properties, and is mainly used in water treatment agents, concrete admixtures, dye dispersants, various complexing agents, adhesives, etc., but the scope of application is still relatively limited.

Storage of Calcium Lignosulfonate (CF-5)

Care should be taken to prevent moisture, rain, and avoid agglomeration. If there is agglomeration, it will not affect the use effect after crushing or dissolving; this product is non-toxic and harmless, and will not deteriorate after long-term storage. It is a non-flammable and explosive dangerous product.

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