Dispersant NNO (B)


Dispersant NNO possesses outstanding diffusibility and protective colloidal properties. However, it lacks surface activity such as penetration and foaming. It exhibits an affinity for protein and polyamide fibers while showing no affinity for fibers like cotton and hemp.

Uses of Dispersant NNO (B)

Dispersant NNO is mainly used as a dispersant in disperse dyes, vat fuels, reactive dyes, acid dyes and leather dyes. It has excellent grinding effect, solubilization and dispersibility; it can also be used as a dispersant in textile printing and dyeing, wettable pesticides, and papermaking. Dispersants, electroplating additives, water-soluble paints, pigment dispersants, water treatment agents, carbon black dispersants, etc. Dispersant NNO is mainly used in industry for vat dye suspension pad dyeing, leuco acid dyeing, disperse and soluble vat dye dyeing, etc. It can also be used for dyeing silk/wool interwoven fabrics, so that there is no color on the silk. Dispersant NNO is mainly used in the dye industry as a diffusion aid for dispersion and lake manufacture, rubber emulsion stability, and leather auxiliary tanning agents.

Specification of Dispersant NNO (B)

Dispersant NNO-B




Light Brown Powder

Dispersion force


pH (1% aq. Solution)






Insoluble impuries content


Ca+Mg content


Video of Dispersant NNO (B)

Dosage of Dispersant NNO (B)

1. As a dispersed filler of disperse and vat dyes. Dosage is the 0.5~3 times of vat dyes or 1.5~2 times of disperse dyes.

2. For tied dye, dosage of dispersant NNO is 3~5g/L, or 15~20g/L of Dispersant NNO for reduction bath.

3. 0.5~1.5g/L for polyester dyed by dispersed dye in high temperature / high pressure.

4. Used in the dyeing of azoic dyes, dispersant dosage is 2~5g/L, dosage of dispersant NNO is 0.5~2g/L for development bath.

Packing And Storage of Dispersant NNO (B)

  • 25kg per bag.

  • Should be stored at room temperature in cool place with ventilation. Storage period is two years.

Dispersant NNO (B) FAQs

What are the primary applications of Dispersant NNO?

  • Textile: As a leveling agent in dyeing processes.

  • Construction: As a superplasticizer in concrete to improve workability.

  • Agriculture: In pesticide formulations to enhance the spread and adherence of active ingredients.

  • Paints and Coatings: To improve the dispersion of pigments and fillers.

  • Paper: As a dispersant in paper coatings to improve quality.

How does Dispersant NNO work?

Dispersant NNO functions by adsorbing onto the surface of particles, imparting a negative charge that repels other similarly charged particles. This repulsion prevents aggregation and keeps particles evenly distributed in the solution.

What are the benefits of using Dispersant NNO?

  • Enhanced dispersion: Prevents particle agglomeration.

  • Improved stability: Increases the stability of suspensions and solutions.

  • Efficiency: Reduces the viscosity of mixtures, making them easier to handle and process.

  • Versatility: Can be used in a wide range of applications across different industries.

What is the typical dosage of Dispersant NNO in formulations?

The optimal dosage varies depending on the specific application and formulation. It is generally recommended to start with a small amount and gradually increase until the desired dispersion and stability are achieved.

Can Dispersant NNO be used with other chemicals?

Yes, Dispersant NNO is compatible with a wide range of chemicals. However, it is always advisable to conduct compatibility tests before using it in combination with other additives to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

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