Dispersant NNO (C)


Dispersant NNO is a frequently utilized chemical compound with versatile applications across various industries, such as chemical manufacturing, material science, and biomedicine. It serves the purpose of dispersing particles or solid materials uniformly and stably in solutions. This capability enhances the properties of the liquid and improves the overall efficiency of various treatment processes.

Advantage of Dispersant NNO (C)

  • Excellent dispersibility: The dispersant NNO can quickly disperse the particles into the liquid to form a uniform dispersion system.

  • Good wettability: The dispersant NNO can effectively reduce the surface tension of the particles, making the particles easier to wet.

  • Good stability: The dispersant NNO can improve the stability of the particles and prevent the particles from re-aggregating.

  • Low foaming: After the dispersant NNO is dissolved in water, the foam is less and it is not easy to generate air bubbles.

Specification of Dispersant NNO (C)

Dispersant NNO-C




Light Brown Powder

Dispersion force


pH (1% aq. Solution)






Insoluble impuries content


Ca+Mg content


Usage of Dispersant NNO (C)

1. In dyeing and pringting industry, dispersant nno is used for vat dyes suspension pat dyeing, implicit acid method dyeing, dispersive and solubilized vat dyes dyeing and so on.

2. Used for silk fabrics or wool interwoven fabrics dyeing, and make the silk colorless.

3. In dyeing industry, it’s mainly used as dispersing agent during dispersant and lake production, stabilizer for rubber latex, and tanning auxiliary for leather.

4. As auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry, used together with tanning agent (ratio 1:10) to avoid tanning agent stick with leather. Can also help to disperse dye to get a better appearance in color.

5. As dispersant in wettable pesticide and herbicide, the dispersibility and solubility of pesticide can be improved.

6. As dispersant for paper industry. After adding NNO into wood pulp to avoid the stain from the condensation of asphaltum, resin and other material, 0.2%-0.5% of the wood pulp's weight as dosage is preferred. Can work as precipitator for animal size, 20%-30% of the size's weight as dosage is preferred.

7. As dispersant in rubber industry. Can disperse sulfur, accelerator, anti-aging agent and some filler(like zinc oxide, barium sulphate, calcium carbonate etc). 2%-4% of the dry powder's weight as dosage is preferred. Can make NNO into 10% solution, then grind with others in ball grinder.

8. Also can be used in coating, painting, pigment, carbon black etc.

9. Can be used in color lake industry.

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