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Concrete admixtures are materials mixed with concrete to improve certain properties in its hardened or fresh state. They offer benefits such as cost reduction, modification of hardened concrete properties, quality assurance during mixing, transporting, placing, and curing, as well as assistance in emergencies during concrete operations.

Water reducing admixtures, also known as plasticizers, are chemical products added to a concrete mixture before pouring. These admixtures, such as lignosulphonate and lignosulfonate salts, act as low to mid-range water reducers, with a water reducing ratio of about 5% to 15%. Jufu Chem has extensive experience in manufacturing cost-effective sodium lignosulfonate and calcium lignosulfonate.

Superplasticizers, which are synthetic polymers, serve as high-range water reducers. They are added to concrete to enhance its flowing ability, reduce water content by up to 40%, increase slump for easier placement, and create denser and more durable concrete. Naphthalene sulfonates, with their excellent dispersing and wetting properties, have been widely used in the building industry. We offer sodium naphthalene sulphonate superplasticizers with different models and a variety of sodium sulfate options. Another option is sulfonated melamine formaldehyde, commonly used in gypsum systems due to its excellent flow and pumpability. 

Polycarboxylate superplasticizers (PCE hyperplasticizers) are dispersants used to improve the flow characteristics or rheology of solid applications. They are particularly suitable for pumping concrete, casting heavily reinforced members, and precast elements. We supply different types of PCE liquid, including water reducing, slump retention, and comprehensive models.

Retarding admixtures (retarders) slow down the rate of cement hydration in the initial stage and delay the setting time of concrete without affecting its long-term mechanical properties. They are particularly useful in high-temperature zones where quick setting can lead to structural discontinuities, poor bond, and unnecessary voids. Sodium gluconate, calcium sulfate, starch, and sugar are commonly used as retarders. Many water reducing admixtures also act as retarding plasticizers.

Other types of admixtures include antifoam agents, air-entraining admixtures, accelerating admixtures, waterproofing admixtures, and expansion admixtures.

Each admixture has its own unique properties and material composition. It is essential to understand their applicability and capabilities before use. We recommend seeking the expertise of SHANDONG JUFU CHEMICAL when selecting admixtures.

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