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With the global population on the rise, modern agriculture faces the challenge of producing more crops with limited land resources. Advanced farming methods and equipment have been employed, along with a wide range of chemical products, to meet the increasing demand for food worldwide.

These chemical products serve various purposes in agriculture, such as providing nutritional supplements, fertilizers, biocides, fungicides, pesticides, solvents, and growth regulators.

For instance, calcium lignosulfonate functions as a soil conditioner, improving soil structure, fertility, and water retention. It also promotes crop growth and development, leading to increased yield and improved quality. Additionally, it acts as a plant growth regulator, enhancing photosynthesis and stress resistance, while also exhibiting antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. It can even be used as a binder for organic fertilizers due to its strong cohesiveness.

Sodium naphthalene sulfonate, known for its excellent dispersing and wetting properties, is utilized as a pesticide additive in the production of wettable powder formulations, enhancing wettability and suspension rate. It can also serve as a diffusion agent, suspension agent, and base for agricultural chemical spreaders.

Furthermore, calcium formate, which is a soluble powder rich in calcium, is employed as a fertilizer. Calcium plays a crucial role in preventing fruit cracking and rot, as well as improving fruit quality and consistency. It is recommended for application from fruit set to harvest.

As agricultural production methods continue to evolve and ecological agriculture develops, our company is committed to enhancing research and development, promoting the use of these products, and making significant contributions to agricultural production and environmental protection.

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