Polynaphthalene Sulfonate

poly naphthalene
polynaphthalene sulfonate
sodium poly naphthalene sulfonate

Polynaphthalene Sulfonate is available in both liquid and powder forms, each offering specific advantages. These products are known for their effectiveness with low usage quantities, significant water-reduction capabilities, and excellent slump retention properties. They contribute to enhanced concrete strength, reduced concrete shrinkage, and improved concrete durability. Importantly, they have low alkali content and are free from chloride ions. These characteristics make them versatile and suitable for a wide range of concrete applications, including pumped concrete, self-sealing concrete, high-strength and durable concrete, as well as high-performance concrete, among others.

Application of Polynaphthalene Sulfonate

  • The main ingredient is β-sulfuric acid armor mixture, iron sulfate ≤3.0%.5%, 10%, 18%.

  • Good dispersing, water-reducing, quick-strengthening effect. Easy model board, site circumference, easy construction progress, short construction period. Suitable for early strength, high-performance demand mixed concrete and other mixed concrete demand increased strength and long-term performance.

  • Increased mixed coagulation rate, improved fluidity, application of agitated mixed coagulation, pumped mixed coagulation, high fluidity mixed coagulation, irrigation, etc.

  • No air, suitable for use with steam heating conditions, all kinds of mixed coagulation with natural heating.

  • No corrosion of steel, suitable for various processes such as mixed coagulation, modern mixed coagulation, steel mixed coagulation, force-stressed steel mixed coagulation, etc.

  • Good compatibility with silicic acid sludge, normal silicic acid sludge, residue silicic acid sludge, powdered ash silicic acid sludge, etc.

Specification of Polynaphthalene Sulfonate






Free flowing brown powder

Solid content




PH Value




Chloride Content




Sodium sulphate Content




Clarity in 10% aq. Solution

Clear solution

Clear solution

Clear solution

Water insoluble matter

0.5% Max.

0.5% Max.

0.5% Max.

Bulk density ca (gm/cc)

0.60 – 0.75

0.60 – 0.75

0.60 – 0.75

Water Reduction(%)




Water Penetration(%)




Note: Standard blend dosage: 1%(as cement amount)

Packaging & Shipping of Polynaphthalene Sulfonate

1. 25kgs/bag 650kgs/bag woven bag with pallet

2. 26MT 4OHQ 28/40GP

Usage of Polynaphthalene Sulfonate

  • The weight of the general concentration is 0.5-3.0%, the specific weight is measured.

  • At the same time or after adding or adding mixed water, stirring until the specified time.

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