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Antifoaming agent powder primarily serves as an essential component in cement and concrete products. It plays a crucial role in formulations that include organic additives, preventing the formation of undesirable air bubbles. Dry mixtures containing antifoam powder exhibit improved and more uniform wetting. The presence of air during pumping can lead to the formation of voids, which can be effectively eliminated by the use of this defoaming agent.

By removing foam, this additive helps prevent excessive shrinkage, porosity, and other imperfections in the application of cement or concrete, significantly enhancing the air impermeability of the final product.

Our antifoaming agents are meticulously crafted using advanced chemicals and are developed under the supervision of our seasoned professionals. Employing cutting-edge formulations and technologies, we ensure high-performance levels in our products. The manufacturing process is closely monitored by our diligent quality control team, resulting in defoaming agents that are lauded for their purity, effectiveness, and non-toxic nature.

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Characteristics of Defoamer Powder

  • Well dispersed in mortar, good anti foaming character, quick speed when antifoaming.

  • Small dosage with high efficient.

  • Can control the bubble and make the mortar products Compact bright.

  • Good Suitability with other material.

Specification of Defoamer Powder


White powder

Active content

65% min


Free flowing

Bulk Density(20℃)



Easy to dissolve in water

PH value(1%solution)


Packing and Storage of Defoamer Powder

  • Standard Packing: In 25kg bags inner with woven bag.

  • Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.

  • Store it in dry condition, and storage time should not exceed 12 months.

Application of Defoamer Powder

Defoamer powder is a powdery antifoaming and antifoaming agent, mainly used in cement and concrete products. In formulations containing organic additives, it can to avoid air bubbles, the dry mixture containing defoamer powder can be moistened faster and more evenly, and the air entering during pumping can be formation of cavitation, which can be eliminated by the use of the defoamer. Due to the elimination of foam, the additive avoids excessive shrinkage, porosity, and over application of cement or concrete other defects in the process, thus greatly improving the air permeability.

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