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The role of dispersant NNO in dyeing


Diffusion agent NNO is an anionic surfactant, which appears as light brown powder and is easily soluble in water of any hardness. The pH value of 1% solution is 7~9, and has no permeability and foaming properties. Diffusion agent NNO has good diffusibility and protective colloid properties, and is resistant to acid, alkali, hard water and inorganic salts. It can be used in the same bath with anionic and nonionic additives, but cannot be used in the same bath with cationic additives.


NNO dispersants are mainly suitable for vat dyes. It can be used as a diffusing agent for disperse dyes and vat dyes, as well as a disperse leveling agent and acid dye diluent for textile printing and dyeing. In addition, NNO dispersant keeps the fine particles of disperse dyes in a stable dispersion state in the dye liquor, which can improve the dye uptake rate and rubbing fastness of disperse dyes, obtain uniform dyeing effects, and overcome defects such as color difference and oil stains. Filter out spots, spots, etc. on the inner and outer layers of tube yarn to improve dyeing quality.



The solubility of disperse dyes in water is very low, and the dyes are in a dispersed state during dyeing. Particulate disperse dyes have a tendency to reduce surface area and agglomerate. This trend is particularly pronounced at high temperatures. Although general disperse dyes are mixed with dispersants, this dispersant can only disperse dyes in water at room temperature and lacks the function of textile dye aggregation at high temperatures. Especially during the yarn dyeing process, dye accumulation causes serious uneven dyeing phenomena such as oil spots, filter spots, and color differences between the inner and outer layers. Therefore, it is necessary to use a good leveling agent to improve the dispersion of dyes at high temperatures, and the dispersing agent NNO has this performance, so a certain amount of dispersing agent NNO must be added when dyeing polyester-cotton yarn packages.



Advantages of NNO dispersant in dyeing process:


1.NNO dispersant can significantly improve the dyeing uniformity of polyester cotton yarn, uniform and full color, and improve the rate of grade A storage.

2.NNO dispersant can save dyeing chemicals, reduce dyeing costs, and is conducive to environmental protection.

3.NNO dispersant can reduce the harshness of some sensitive color on the process conditions and reduce the cylinder difference.

4. The process is simple and feasible, the equipment requirements are not high, there is no need to buy any new equipment.