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One Meeting Is Worth A Thousand Emails - Going To Malaysia

On June 3, 2024, our sales team flew to Malaysia to visit customers. The purpose of this trip is to better serve customers, have more in-depth face-to-face exchanges and communication with customers, and help customers solve some problems encountered in sales and end customers' use of our products. Our colleagues patiently explained and booked the most reliable solution.

The customer said that the products purchased from our company before sodium naphthalene sulfonate, polycarboxylic acid water reducer, sodium gluconate, sodium lignosulfonate and other products have excellent performance, and the water reduction effect has reached the technical standard. They have expressed great recognition of the quality of our products and they are also very popular in the Malaysian market. Through this visit and communication, the customer affirmed and appreciated our service, and immediately promised to confirm the order of the project under construction, and said that the project still needs long-term follow-up, looking forward to happy cooperation with us in the future. This visit has also laid a solid foundation for our company's subsequent new business expansion.

In recent years, Jufu Chemical has developed rapidly in overseas markets, and its business has spread to Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, with remarkable performance. Customers speak highly of our production capacity, technical solutions and product quality. Jufu Chemical is favored by more and more overseas customers. The strength of our company is there for all to see! I believe that in the future, Jufu Chemical will be famous at home and abroad!