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Jufu Chemicals Went To Thailand For Exchanges

When Jufu Chemical products shine in overseas markets, the technical performance of products and the actual needs of customers are always the most concerned thing of Torch Fu Chemical. During the return visit, Jufu team went deep into the project site to solve the problems encountered by customers in the production process.


On June 6, 2024, the foreign trade team arrived in Thailand and immediately visited Thai customers. Under the guidance of Thai customers, our company visited the culture wall, honor room and exhibition hall...... I have a deeper understanding of the company's development trajectory and development strategy.

Next, under the leadership of the Thai customer, the foreign trade team of our company went to the project site, and had a clear understanding of the use of the product and the problems to be solved. In the afternoon, we conducted product sample testing with the customer and gave certain reference suggestions according to the construction environment.


Thai customer Unyarut Eiamsanudom said: The arrival of our team for the current construction situation to provide an effective solution to solve the current problem. During this exchange, I felt the enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of our service, saw the strength of Jufu Chemical, and expressed my gratitude for the visit of Jufu Chemical. We hope that the two sides can work together to achieve long-term and effective cooperation.

Through in-depth communication with Thai customers, our foreign trade team has a more comprehensive understanding of the demand and development potential of the Thai market. This trip to Thailand not only enhanced the friendship between the two sides, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.