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In concrete mixtures, sodium lignosulphonate (lignosulphonate) is primarily employed as a water reducer. Low dose, little air, rapid water reduction, suited for the majority of cement types. It can be created as a concrete pumping agent, antifreeze agent, concrete retarder, and more. The solution additive made using sodium lignosulphonate and a high-efficiency water reducer based on naphthalene has nearly no silt. Sodium lignosulphonate is appropriate for highway, dam, and other construction-related projects. The product sodium lignosulphonate is reasonably priced.

Advantage of Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-2)

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Specification of Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-2)

Test Items

Test Items


Red brown powder

Lignosulfonate content

40% - 60%



Solid Content




Water insolubles


Water reducing rate


Application of  Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-2)

1. Sodium lignosulfonate in concrete. As one of the commonly used water reducing agents, sodium lignosulfonate can improve its fluidity and plasticity, reduce harmful pores, and significantly enhance the compressive strength of concrete. It can be compounded as accelerator, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, etc. Used together with naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducer, no precipitation will occur in the liquid mixture. As a water reducing agent, the recommended dosage (by weight) of sodium lignosulfonate in concrete cement is about 0.2%~0.6%. We should experiment to determine the optimal amount. But the dosage of sodium lignosulfonate must be strictly controlled. If not done well, this chemical can affect the early strength of the concrete. Sodium lignosulfonate is not suitable for concrete works alone when the temperature is lower than 5°C.

2. There are many industrial uses. Sodium lignosulfonate is also widely used in textile dyes, metallurgical engineering, petroleum industry, pesticides, carbon black, animal feed, porcelain, etc.

Operation Method of Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-2)

  • 0.2-0.5% of the dosage in concrete (based on cement weight), the user can adjust the dosage through experiments;

  • It can be used after mixing with liquid, or it can be put into the mixer together with cement and aggregate and used at the same time, and the time needs to be extended appropriately;

  • The effect is more obvious after compounding with high-efficiency naphthalene-based water reducer. The user can determine the appropriate dosage according to the cement type, aggregate condition, and test results of naphthalene-based superplasticizer.

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