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Sodium lignosulphonate powder is produced by combining pulp from straw and wood, which is then filtered, treated with sulfonation, concentrated, and converted into powder through spray drying. This powder has the ability to both adsorb and absorb substances. It functions as a dispersant for cement and can enhance multiple physical characteristics of concrete. Jufu chemical is one of the leading sodium lignosulphonate manufacturers and suppliers in China, RFQ today!

Characteristics of Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-3)

  • Water-soluble: It is highly water soluble, making it suitable for a variety of applications requiring dispersion in aqueous solutions.

  • Compatibility: The product is compatible with a wide variety of other chemicals, making it a versatile ingredient in a variety of formulations.

  • Dispersibility: Kingshang Sodium Lignosulfonate has excellent dispersibility and can be used in the production of concrete, It helps to disperse cement particles and prevent clumping.

  • Combined performance: Used as an adhesive in a variety of applications including animal feed, fungicide and pesticide formulations.

  • Chelating properties: The chemical has chelating properties, meaning it can bind to metal ions and form stable complexes. This makes it useful in industrial applications such as metalworking and water treatment.

  • Non-toxic. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for a variety of applications.

  • Moisturizing properties: It can help retain moisture in certain materials such as paper, textiles and leather.

  • Cost-effective: Sodium lignosulphonate powder is an affordable option compared to other chemicals with similar properties, which makes it an attractive option for industrial applications.

Specification of Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-3)




Dark brown powder

Lignosulfonate content

50% - 65%

Solid content




Reducing substance




Water insolubles


Calcium magnesium general quantity


Packaging, Storage And Transportation of Sodium Lignosulphonate (MN-3)

  • Packing: Available in 25kg/450kg bags. It can also be supplied according to the packaging size required by the customer and discussed with each other and reached an agreement.

  • Storage: It is recommended to store airtight at room temperature and avoid direct contact with sunlight and rain.

  • Transportation: Non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable and explosive chemicals It can be transported by truck and train.

Sodium Lignosulphonate Applications

1. Construction Industry

  • Concrete Admixture: It acts as a plasticizer and water reducer in concrete formulations, enhancing workability and strength.

  • Gypsum Board Manufacturing: It improves the wetting and adhesive properties of the gypsum slurry.

2. Agriculture

  • Soil Conditioner: It helps improve soil structure and fertility.

  • Binder for Animal Feed: It enhances the pelletization process, improving the quality and durability of animal feed.

3. Oil and Gas Industry

  • Drilling Mud Additive: It acts as a dispersant and stabilizer in drilling fluids, improving their properties and efficiency.

4. Mining Industry

  • Flotation Agent: It is used in the separation process of minerals from ores.

  • Dust Suppressant: It helps in controlling dust in mining operations.

5. Ceramics and Refractories

  • Dispersant: It improves the dispersion of ceramic particles, aiding in the production of high-quality ceramics and refractories.

6. Leather Industry

  • Tanning Agent: It is used in the leather tanning process to enhance the properties of leather.

7. Textile Industry

  • Dye Dispersant: It acts as a dispersant for dyes, improving the uniformity and quality of dyeing.

8. Chemical Industry

  • Binder for Carbon Black: It is used as a binder in the production of carbon black, which is a material used in various applications including the manufacture of tires.

  • Binder in Briquetting: It serves as a binding agent in the production of briquettes from fine coal or other materials.

9. Animal Feed

  • Pellet Binder: It is used to bind and stabilize the ingredients in animal feed pellets, improving their integrity and durability.

10. Environmental Applications

  • Water Treatment: It can be used in wastewater treatment as a flocculant, aiding in the removal of suspended particles.

11. Road Construction

  • Dust Control and Stabilization: It is applied on unpaved roads to control dust and stabilize the road surface.

12. Adhesives and Binders

  • Binder for Fire Retardants: It is used in the formulation of fire retardant compositions.

  • Adhesive Additive: It enhances the adhesive properties in various applications, including plywood and particleboard manufacturing.

13. Pesticides and Fertilizers

  • Carrier and Dispersant: It is used as a carrier and dispersant for active ingredients in pesticides and fertilizers.

Sodium Lignosulphonate FAQs

How does sodium lignosulphonate improve concrete?

In concrete, sodium lignosulphonate acts as a plasticizer, reducing the water content required and improving the workability and strength of the concrete mix.

Is sodium lignosulphonate safe for use in agriculture?

Yes, sodium lignosulphonate is generally considered safe for agricultural use. It helps improve soil structure and fertility and serves as a binder in animal feed.

What are the benefits of using sodium lignosulphonate in the mining industry?

In mining, sodium lignosulphonate acts as a flotation agent, aiding in the separation of minerals from ores. It also serves as a dust suppressant, helping to control dust in mining operations.

How does sodium lignosulphonate work as a dispersant in ceramics?

Sodium lignosulphonate improves the dispersion of ceramic particles, resulting in better mixing and improved quality of the final ceramic products.

What role does sodium lignosulphonate play in road construction?

In road construction, sodium lignosulphonate is used for dust control and surface stabilization on unpaved roads, enhancing road quality and reducing maintenance costs.

Is sodium lignosulphonate environmentally friendly?

Sodium lignosulphonate is derived from natural lignin, making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to synthetic chemicals. Its use in various applications can contribute to sustainability.

Can sodium lignosulphonate be used as a binder in adhesives?

Yes, sodium lignosulphonate can enhance the adhesive properties in various formulations, including those used in plywood and particleboard manufacturing.

What should I look for in a sodium lignosulphonate manufacturer?

  • Quality certification: Ensure the manufacturer has ISO certification or other quality management certifications.

  • Experience: Look for manufacturers with a proven track record in producing sodium lignosulphonate.

  • Product range: A diverse product range may indicate expertise and stability.

Are there specific certifications that sodium lignosulphonate manufacturers should have?

  • ISO 9001: Quality management systems certification.

  • ISO 14001: Environmental management systems certification.

  • REACH compliance: For suppliers to the European Union, ensuring chemical safety.

How do shipping and logistics work with sodium lignosulphonate suppliers?

  • Incoterms: Understanding terms like FOB (Free on Board), CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) is crucial.

  • Packaging: Sodium lignosulphonate is usually shipped in 25 kg bags, jumbo bags, or bulk containers.

  • Freight options: Air, sea, or land transport, depending on urgency and cost considerations.

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