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Analysis of Development Trend of Concrete Admixture Industry

1. Industry market overview

In recent years, China's construction industry has developed rapidly, the demand for concrete is more and more large, the quality requirements are also higher and higher, the performance requirements are more and more comprehensive and diversified, the demand for additive varieties is more and more, the performance requirements are also higher and higher. With the rapid development of China's concrete admixture industry and the continuous increase of construction projects, the production and application of concrete admixture still have great development potential and development space.

Analysis of Development Trend of Concrete Admixture Industry

2. The overall level of production enterprises to improve

In recent years, the scale and management and operation level of newly built and under construction enterprises have been significantly improved, which is manifested in large investment, large production scale, advanced production equipment, strong research and development technology, high level of enterprise operation and management, complete quality control means, and corresponding test and inspection equipment.

3. Industry awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection

Under the requirements of the global sustainable development strategy, the scientific concept of development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the awareness of energy saving, green environmental protection and human health of the entire concrete admixture industry is increasing. While ensuring the quality of admixture products, paying attention to energy conservation and resource protection is becoming the focus of the industry. Many enterprises have included water saving and energy saving in the internal key assessment indicators, and some excellent enterprises have increased investment in the research and development of new products and technologies of green environmental protection admixtures, setting a model for other enterprises.

Analysis of Development Trend of Concrete Admixture Industry

4. Product standards and application technology tend to be standardized

At present, the national standards or industry standards of concrete admixtures have been developed in China. In the future, the focus of admixture application work will be to strengthen the research and development of various new admixtures, environmental admixtures, especially high-performance admixtures, and further promote the continuous improvement of admixtures application technology and the improvement of application level and continuous development.