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Thai Customers Come To Visit Our Factory

On November 13, 2023, customers from Southeast Asia and Thailand visited our factory to gain an in-depth understanding of the technological innovation and production process of concrete additives.




Customers went deep into the factory production line and witnessed with their own eyes the modern manufacturing technology and strict quality control processes. They highly appreciated the concrete admixture production technology and production management, and expressed their expectations for the cooperation prospects of Jufu Chemical in Southeast Asia.



The reception team of Jufu Chemical introduced the company's product line and the performance characteristics of various chemical products to customers in detail. Especially in view of the demand of the Thai market and combined with the current situation of Thailand's construction chemicals industry, the characteristics and advantages of our water reducing agent were introduced. The customer conducted on-site testing on the characteristics and product quality of Jufu's chemical concrete admixture products and was very satisfied with the overall performance of its production equipment. They all expressed their expectation to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Jufu Chemical.


Later, our reception team led the Thai customer to visit Baotu Spring in Jinan, Shandong Province, and experience the elegant atmosphere of the ancient sages' "Qu Shui Shang". The customer said that although he could not understand Su Dongpo's poems and Li Qingzhao's words, he could not understand the ancient costumes. Performances and special drinking culture make them feel novel and interesting.


Through this exchange opportunity, we hope to promote cooperation with Jufu in the field of chemical concrete additives in Southeast Asia and provide more international customers with high-quality products and services.


Jufu Chemical will always adhere to the concepts of technological innovation and quality excellence, continue to provide high-quality chemical products and services, and work hand in hand with Southeast Asian customers to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the concrete additive industry.