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Sodium Lignosulfonate is a Natural Polymer

Lignin is a substance insoluble in neutral liquids and organic solvents. The two most common methods of producing lignin are to separate cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin; pulp waste liquor (containing lignin) is then used to produce sodium lignosulfonate.




Application: Sodium lignosulfonate has good solubility, high surface activity and dispersion properties because it contains more active groups such as sulfonic acid group and carboxyl group. It has good grinding aid, high surface activity and dispersion property. Good, high thermal stability, high temperature dispersion stability and so on. Sodium lignosulfonate is a natural lignin modification product. It is a brown powder, non-toxic, flammable and has good chemical stability.


China's Lignosulfonate products are mainly used in ordinary concrete water-reducing agent, oil drilling fluid diluent, pesticide dispersant, mineral powder binder, refractory binder, etc., only a small amount of refined into dye dispersant, etc., the value is high - added products. Therefore, the varieties of lignin products are still relatively simple, and there are many uses to be developed. Therefore, the future development of lignin series products, quality improvement, application fields and market expansion will bring new economic growth points.


The construction of the sodium lignosulfonate social benefit project adopts state-recommended advanced pollution prevention and control technology to extract lignin products from papermaking black liquor to reduce COD emissions. On the one hand, it solves the problem of wastewater treatment in the papermaking industry and ensures that the wastewater treatment in the next step reaches the standards. Emissions, the comprehensive utilization of originally discarded resources, not only reduces resource waste, protects the environment, reduces regional environmental pollution, and improves the quality of people's living environment. The project construction has achieved good results, the government is satisfied and the people support it.