Naphthalene Superplasticizer

naphthalene sulfonate superplasticizer
naphthalene superplasticizer
naphthalene sulfonate condensate
naphthalene based superplasticizer

Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer Formaldehyde is commonly referred to as a concrete superplasticizer. It is particularly well-suited for the production of high-strength concrete, steam-cured concrete, flowing concrete, impermeable concrete, waterproof concrete, plasticized concrete, as well as reinforced steel bars and prestressed concrete structures. Furthermore, sodium naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde can also serve as a dispersant in industries such as leather, textiles, dyes, and others. As a leading manufacturer of naphthalene-based superplasticizers in China, Kingsun consistently delivers top-notch naphthalene-based superplasticizer products to meet the needs of our customers.

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Application Method And Precautions of Naphthalene-based Superplasticizer

  • The range of blending dosage is 0.5-1.2%. When using, the appropriate blending amount can be selected according to the engineering object and the materials used.

  • FDN powder is recommended to be used in the form of solution. It can be used in dry form, but make sure to mix it well with the concrete.

  • If the naphthalene sulfonate superplasticizer product is used by static water blending method or post-blending method, the water-reducing dispersion effect will be better.

  • This naphthalene sulfonate superplasticizer product can be compounded with other types of concrete admixtures. It can be "double blended" with fly ash, ground slag and other admixtures, but the amount should be calculated according to the total amount of cementitious materials.

  • When using this product for the first time or changing the cement type, concrete trial preparation should be carried out according to the materials used and site construction requirements. Adjust the construction mix ratio according to the test results as a guide for construction coordination.

Specification of Naphthalene-Based Superplasticizer






Free flowing brown powder

Solid content




PH Value




Chloride Content




Sodium sulphate Content




Clarity in 10% aq. Solution

Clear solution

Clear solution

Clear solution

Water insoluble matter

0.5% Max.

0.5% Max.

0.5% Max.

Bulk density ca (gm/cc)

0.60 – 0.75

0.60 – 0.75

0.60 – 0.75

Water Reduction(%)




Water Penetration(%)




Note: Standard blend dosage: 1%(as cement amount)

Usage of Naphthalene-Based Superplasticizer

1. Suitable for long-distance pumping concrete construction projects.

2. It is suitable for preparing ordinary concrete, high-performance concrete, high-strength concrete, and ultra-high-strength concrete.

3. It is suitable for impervious, frost-resistant, and high-durability concrete.

4. Suitable for high-performance high-flow concrete, self-leveling concrete, fair-faced concrete, and SCC (self-compacting concrete).

5. Suitable for high-volume mineral powder concrete.

6. It is suitable for large-volume concrete such as highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy projects, ports, docks, and underground.

Packing of Naphthalene Superplasticizer

  • Packed in woven bags, 25kg per bag. Can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Protect from rain and moisture, store in a ventilated and dry place.

FAQs of Naphthalene Superplasticizer

How does a naphthalene superplasticizer work?

Naphthalene superplasticizers work by dispersing cement particles in the concrete mixture. This dispersion reduces the water required for a given workability, allowing for a lower water-cement ratio, which results in higher strength and better durability.

What are the benefits of using naphthalene superplasticizers in concrete?

Improved workability: Makes concrete easier to handle and place.

Higher strength: Reduces water-cement ratio, leading to stronger concrete.

Better durability: Reduces permeability and increases resistance to chemical attacks.

Enhanced flow properties: Useful for applications requiring highly fluid concrete.

How is naphthalene superplasticizer added to concrete?

It is usually added to the concrete mix as a liquid during the mixing process. The amount and timing of addition are critical to achieving the desired effects.

What is the recommended dosage of naphthalene superplasticizer?

The recommended dosage varies depending on the specific product and application, but it generally ranges from 0.5% to 2% by weight of cement. It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and conduct trials to determine the optimal dosage.

Are naphthalene superplasticizers compatible with other concrete admixtures?

They are generally compatible with most other concrete admixtures, but compatibility should always be verified through testing. Combining admixtures can have synergistic effects or unexpected interactions.

How do naphthalene superplasticizers compare to other types of superplasticizers?

Compared to other superplasticizers, such as polycarboxylate ether (PCE) superplasticizers, naphthalene-based superplasticizers are often less expensive but may not provide as high a level of performance in terms of flowability and strength enhancement. PCE superplasticizers are newer and can offer better control over slump retention and workability.

Can naphthalene superplasticizers be used in all weather conditions?

They can be used in various weather conditions, but their performance may be affected by temperature. In cold weather, setting times might be further delayed, whereas in hot weather, workability retention could be a challenge. Adjustments in dosage or the use of supplementary admixtures might be necessary.

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